Revving Up for a Cause: Purple Heart Homes and Dale Ogburn Join Forces for the 2024 Racing Season

In the thrilling world of motorsports, where speed meets passion, a new partnership is set to make waves. Purple Heart Homes, a nonprofit that provides housing solutions for Service-Connected Disabled Veterans and their families, is teaming up with veteran racer Dale Ogburn for an exciting collaboration in the upcoming 2024 racing season. Buckle up as we delve into this dynamic alliance that merges the adrenaline of racing with a deep commitment to supporting our nation’s heroes.


Revving Engines for a Worthy Cause:


As the engines roar to life on the racetrack, Purple Heart Homes and Dale Ogburn are gearing up to make every lap count for a cause. This partnership is not just about speed and competition; it’s about accelerating positive change for disabled veterans needing housing assistance. Together, they aim to raise awareness and funds to support Purple Heart Homes’ mission of providing safe and adapted homes for those who have served our country. “The values of Dale Ogburn Motorsports (DOM) and Purple Heart Homes (PHH) align perfectly, and like the PHH team, Dale understands the cost of freedom. PHH is proud to partner with DOM to bring more awareness to the needs of Veterans. Because of Veterans like Dale, PHH continues to be inspired each day to serve the entire Veteran community. ” -John Gallina, PHH CEO


Dale Ogburn: Racing with Purpose:


Dale Ogburn, a seasoned and passionate racer, brings more to the track than just speed. With a strong background in motorsports, being a combat veteran, and a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by wounded veterans, Ogburn is committed to using his platform to make a difference. Partnering with Purple Heart Homes aligns perfectly with his values, allowing him to race with a purpose beyond the checkered flag.

The partnership between Purple Heart Homes and Dale Ogburn for the 2024 racing season is a powerful fusion of speed, passion, and purpose. As the racetrack becomes a canvas for raising awareness and funds, the collaborative efforts aim to drive positive change in the lives of disabled veterans. Together, they exemplify how the thrill of racing can be harnessed to make a lasting impact, proving that every lap can contribute to the journey of rebuilding lives and homes. Get ready for a season where racing meets philanthropy, and the finish line is a brighter future for our nation’s heroes.


About Purple Heart Homes

Purple Heart Homes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by John Gallina and the late Dale Beatty, two Iraq combat-wounded Veterans who started a mission to provide housing solutions for Service-Connected Disabled Veterans and their families. Driven by the belief that no Veteran should be left behind, Purple Heart Homes, together with the community, is committed to ensuring quality-of-life solutions for Disabled American Veterans from all eras. Purple Heart Homes – Improving Veterans’ Lives One Home at a Time.

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